.::SWA Members::.


          Users                  Rank         Position


          Main Owner
   Austick                           (Quit)
   Nick                            Main Owner




Start recruiting, we need to have more members on because thats what the clan is about. We have to start warring more so start training hard  because were going to get dirty! Don't skip out and participate on recruiting even when Ocean isn't here. Try to do all you an for the clan if you really care about it! Don't miss out fellow clan members!


We will start to have some training sessions soon so practice more.

Skill testing, We will start to take you on mini SA test for you practice,as you may know you are going to be graded on the following skills: glock aiming, shot gun distance, ak-47 skills and more.

Basic skills, anyone who dosent know some techniques or basics and want to know new techniques needs to contact an founder or warleader.


Are you intrested in joining?

Well here's some info and steps to help you out.

1)  Ok well 1st,  Try to be informed of the clan and try to come on everyday to show your really going to be loyal.

2) You have to have good skills and pro potential to join this clan though. Try to read his current news and announcments.

3) What should i do now? Ok so let's see, if you already registered, then just wait and see. Try to check the G-Book every now and then to see if your in. If you are, then Welcome and try to be active! you have to try to read some more info about the clan and check the site around too for more current news status and try to participate in the clan activities.

4) How do I rank up in the clan? Well that's pretty easy. You have to stay worthy to the clan and be loyal. Don't be a clan hopper. If you are then you will be out of the clan for sure. If your in 2 clans then stay worthy to those clans. A table of members will be posted up to see how many clan member points do you have. That can also help you rank up in the clan as well.

5) When do I get to war? Well you can't war so quick. You will need permission from Ocean.He will decide if your eligable for war or if you still need more time and practice for SAB and in the clan.

*Any more info you need just ask Oceanway for a little help on your subject*


1» Stay loyal to swa, don't be a traitor or a clan hopper. We want our members to be loyal & last for a while here.

2» No flaming. Do not strongly insult other members or use derogatory words. Try to avoid flaming even when people deserve it, unless the really really deserve it. We want to maintain a clean atmosphere as much as possible.

3» Don't piss the admins off. Or any other member with power over you, for that matter. Also, you're best off not angering a group of people here because of the problems that would arise.

.:: Administration::.

Oceanway-Leader of Swa and Warleader 


Austick-Leader of Swa and Warleader (Quit)


Nick-Leader Of Swa and Warleader



.::War Record::.


Red = Win

White = Loss

* = Rewar Win

.::Defeated Royal Killerz Thanks to Ocean::.

.::Defeated StickSoldiers Thanks to Ocean and Austick::.

.:: Defeated Silent Jokers Clan Thanks to Ocean::.

.::Defeated KingKing Thanks to Ocean and Austick::.

.::Defeated KingKing in Rewar thanks to Ocean::.

.::Defeated StickSoldiers In rewar Thanks to Ocean and Max ::.

.::Defeated StickSoldiers In rewar 3 Thanks To Ocean And Max::.

.::Defeated Crgm's Clan Thanks to Ocean::.

.::Defeated Mutaous Nuke Thanks to Ocean::.

.::Defeated Hs Clan Thanks to Ocean::.

.::Defeated Hs Clan In rewar Thanks to Ocean::.

.::Defeated Ninja Assassins Clan Thanks To Ocean::.

.::Defeated Sticksoldiers Clan Thanks To Ocean::.

.::Defeated Dragon Slayers Clan Thanks to Ocean and Nick::.

.::Defeated Dragon Slayers Clan in Rewar Thanks to Ocean and Nick::.

.::Defeated Immortal Soulz Thanks to Ocean and Nick::.

.::Defeated Dominator Clan Thanks to Ocean::.

.::Defeated Dominator Clan In Rewar Thanks to Austick and Nick::.

.::Loss to goal clan Thanks to NICK He Declared without my permission, but goal is dead::.

.::Defeated TheKillingCrew Thanks to Ocean and Nick::.

.::Defeated TheKillingCrew in Rewar Thanks to Ocean and Nick::.

.::Defeated Wk4f Clan Thanks to Ocean and Austick::.

.::Defeated Exocide Clan Thanks to Austick And Closet Monster::.

.::Defeated Pure Skillz Clan Thanks To Ocean and Blade::.

.::Defeated Pure Skillz Clan in Rewar Thanks to Ocean and Blade::.

.::Defeated Stick Soldiers Clan Thanks to Ocean and Austick::.

.::Defeated Stp Clan thanks to .Strik3. and Ocean::.

.::Defeated Stp Clan in Rewar thanks to Ocean and Strike::.

.::Defeated StickSoldiers clan Thanks to Strike::.

.::Defeated StickSoldiers clan Thanks to Strike And Ocean::.

.::Defeated Pro Zone Clan thanks to Ocean and Austick::.

.::Defeated Show Stoppers Clan thanks to Strike and Nick::.

.::Defeated Sab Broz Thanks to Nick and Strike::.

.::Defeated Dark illusions thanks to Ocean and Aman::.

.::Defeated Show Stoppers Clan in Rewar Thanks to Nick and Aman::.

.::Defeated Cronic Clan Thanks to Aman::.

.::Defeated Unk Due to them banning Thanks to Ocean and Steven::.

.::Defeated Ghostmode clan Thanks to Ocean and Nick::.

.::Defeated Ghostmode clan In rewar Thanks to Ocean::.

.::Defeated Stp in Rewar Thanks to Ocean dont believe there fake win::.

.::Defeated Rebellious Clan Thanks to Ocean::.

.::Defeated Swat Clan Thanks to Ocean::.

.::Defeated Silent Proz Thanks to Ocean and Nick::.

.::Defeated Galaxy Proz Thanks to Ocean and Tsunami::.

.::Defeated Sk8indudes 1 man clan Thanks to Ocean::.

.::Defeated Ssc Thanks to Ocean and Tsunami::.

.::Defeated Stp thanks to Ocean and Tsunami::.

.::Defeated X-Stealth-X Thanks to Ocean and Dark::.

.::Defeated Digital Reginades Thanks to Ocean and Jeyanna::.

.::Defeated Vocation Thanks to Ocean::.

.::Defeated Sab Stars clan Thanks to Ocean::.

.::Defeated Sk Thanks to Ocean::.

.::Defeated Sk in rewar Thanks to Ocean::.

.::Defeated Sinisters Thanks to Ocean and Nick::.

.::Defeated Trilogy Thanks to Nick and Bsb::.

.::Defeated Auto Aim Thanks to Ocean::.

.::Defeated Desendence Thanks to Ocean::.

.::Defeated Bloody Souls Thanks to Nick::.

.::Defeated Sto Thanks to Ocean::.**

.::Defeated Greenstarz Thanks to Nick::.

.::Defeated Acers Thanks to Ocean::.**

.::Defeated Saphira clan Thanks to Ocean::.

.::Defeated Auto aim clan thanks to Ocean::.